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The creator of world's first 4K VR experience.

Footprints of Pimax

2016.05 Pimax 4K won The Best VR of CES ASIA 2016
2016.04  Pimax launched the world's 1st 4K VR product, Pimax 4K, in Beijing, China
2016.03 Pi Play, the contents stores, alphla version realsed
2016.01 Pimax launched the world's 1st 4K VR experience
2015.11 The VR brand PiMAX has been registered in China
2015.08 Customized display module made huge progress
2015.03 Pimax build 1st prototype  
2014.12 The VR brand PiMAX has been registred overseas
2014.05  Pimax team has been setup

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Headquater: No.3000, LongDong Avenue, Pudong New District, Shanghai City, China.
Marketing Dep: 2nd Floor, 109 Building, Jindi Industrial Area, Fuqiang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Provice.

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