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Pimax 8K gets my approval from a serious VR enthusiast and SkyrimVR modder.


For me the biggest issue is that I can’t go back to my previous headsets any more. 


the immersion is amazing, the fov adds a lot, same with the better resolution and sde


I’ve finally could test the 8K, and the first impression is WOW


I love how clear it is, how much more detail can be seen, the image looks a lot cleaner.


The headset’s resolution was probably the best thing about the headset. Whilst inside, I couldn’t discern individual sub-pixels no matter how hard I looked – whereas with the Rift or Vive I can. It took some effort to even discern individual pixels.


...images moved with my head movements with less latency than one would expect with little to no bloom distortion (pixels that change color too slowly and cause a blurry image) at all.


It's one of the lightest VR headsets going. The extra size becomes imperceptible in use, and the featherweight promises long sessions of painless use... I had no trouble wearing the Pimax headset over my glasses... the image was clearly superior to today's top-end products


As soon as I put on the headset, I was amazed by the lack of black border within my vision. For the first time ever, I finally felt like I wasn't looking into a VR headset! As expected, I could not see any sub-pixels thanks to the insanely high display resolution, nor did I notice any ghosting.


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What does "Pimax" stand for?  

The Pimax team is a group of engineers and VR enthusiasts. We are obsessed with

the beauty of mathematics and innovations. For example, the founder’s favorite

equation is the Euler's Identity e^πi+1=0