Pitool is same as a console in which you may connect and manage your VR devices easily, download its games, apps and videos. It’s also compatible with SteamVR games and apps. You may enjoy smooth and shocked virtual reality experience after connecting Pimax headset to PC with just making simple setup.

Change Info

Release Date:2019/2/27
File Size:124.43MB


Please note that the latest NVIDIA graphics driver version (418.91 or above) must be downloaded and installed before you connect the VR headset.

For Pimax 5K PLus/Pimax 8K/Pimax BE :
For Pimax 4K:

Official Version Features

  • Adding Brainwarp new features, such as refresh rate switching and Smart Smoothing function
  • Modify the VR headset name as Pimax 5K/8K which is shown in steamvr
  • Bug fixing:
  • - Fix tracking issues in known scenarios.
    - Fix tearing screen issue in games.

Beta Version Change Info

Release Date:2019/5/5
Version:v1.0.0.129 (Only For Beta Test)
File Size:124.99MB

Beta Version Features

What's news:

  • Add VIVE Only Menu to adapt VIVE exclusive game.

Issue Fixed:

  1. Fix NOLO vibration issues on part of games e.g. Beat Saber.
  2. Fix the ineffectiveness issue of smart smoothing on N card.
  3. Fix no rendering model issue of the controllers on some games e.g. Derail Valley.
  4. Fix the probability crash of some games (such as IL-2) when FFR is on.
  5. Fix the issues on switching refresh rate.


  1. Optimizing blackness on 5K XR.